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Providing a Path to Wellness with a Questionnaire

The pandemic changed our lives so much over the last two years. Some of those changes have been good while others have been difficult and heartbreaking. 

The Mental Health & Wellness Program wants to help you better understand how you’re feeling in the wake of so much change. 

    • Are you feeling more emotional? 
    • More stressed? 
    • Overwhelmed or Anxious? 
    • Are you dealing with grief or sadness over loss of loved ones due to the pandemic?
    • Are you unemployed due to the pandemic? 
    • Have you struggled to return to the traditional work environment?

The Mental Health & Wellness Program has been developed with funding provided by Miami-Dade County to supply you with the tools you need to move forward with confidence and Find Your Normal.

Take the Free CMHWP Mental Health & Wellness Assessment, and receive: 

  • A Mental Health & Wellness Assessment Scorecard© (MHWAS) 
    • Know your score and get the support you need from an understanding and supportive community
  • Access to the CMHWP Care Coordination Team for mental health services and referrals 
  • Access to Weekly Mental Health & Wellness Workshops in English/Spanish/Creole
  • Access to speaker seminar series featuring leading experts in mental health discussing topics that matter in your life
  • Your personal information will remain confidential


We can help you Find Your Normal. Your Path to Wellness Starts Here.

Why Is it Important

Mental Health is an important part of your overall health.

Even the strongest among us need mental and emotional support.

The stigma around mental health is harmful to everyone.

Unleash our full potential to unlock the doors of productivity and well-being.

We're here to support you

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Depression Management

Discover more resources to help you with financial assistance, employment and more.


Meet the team that brought this initiative together.

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